As the temperatures drop and cosy knitted mittens are worn, it is crucial to consider winterizing your home plumbing system. Frozen pipes are one of the leading causes of leaks and water damage in the home, therefore it is vital to call a Niagara plumber to help with checking all taps and valves to ensure there will be no surprises once snowflakes start sticking to the ground.

Avoid Freezing Pipes

When water freezes, it expands and becomes ice. This expansion produces pressure in pipes, which can ultimately result in a major burst pipe repair project. To avoid this inconvenience, take the time to ensure your plumbing is properly insulated. Take a look for cracks or holes in the insulation surrounding the basement walls, attic and garage. This task can be daunting for many, so for a professional inspection, call your local plumbing company.

Prepare Outdoor Water Faucets

Inspecting all faucets in your home is a preventative measure to avoid home plumbing problems. Outside, disconnect the hose, turn off the inside shut-off valve and leave the outside faucet in the “on” position throughout the cold winter months. This will release the pressure build-up in your pipes, and prevent potential issues such as freezing pipes.

Become Familiar with your Home Plumbing System

It is important to know your home. Having a basic knowledge of your plumbing system will significantly assist you in case a problem arises. Be aware of the location of your main waterline valve, as well as any areas accessible to pipes (typically seen in your outside the home and in the basement). If you require assistance on understanding your home’s plumbing system, contact a trusted Niagara plumber for a full home plumbing inspection.

Be Prepared Before Vacationing

While you are soaking up the warm summer sun in on vacation, your pipes at home could potentially freeze due to a lack of use. If you plan on ditching the snow drifts and parkas for a healthy dose of sunshine and pina coladas, be sure to turn off your water system and open the taps to drain water from the pipes. This will prevent any surprise heating and plumbing issues upon your arrival back into reality.

Call a Niagara Plumber

If you need additional assistance winterizing your home plumbing system, or if a larger issue occurs, get in touch with Wellbrook Plumbing. At Wellbrook, we have the expertise and most trusted team in Niagara to ensure your home plumbing system will be heated and secure throughout the chilliest months of the year.