What Does a Slow Drain Indicate?

Slow drains are one of the most common residential plumbing issues, and can be caused by several things. Wellbrook Plumbing, experts in drain cleaning in Pelham, ON, recommend scheduling this service regularly to avoid slow drain. If you notice a slow drain in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other area of your home, here are some of the possible reasons:

Clog in the Drains

A clog is typically the cause of a slow drain. This can be caused by hair buildup, waste particles, or even grease buildup on the pipes. Frequent drain cleaning services by a reputable drain cleaning company can help prevent clogs from forming in your drains.

Presence of Roots in the Sewer Line

This is a more severe issue that requires a thorough inspection. After our technicians have determined the exact location of the roots, we can then proceed to remove it. Roots can clog your sewer lines and cause slow drains, and over time it can even lead to leaks.

Old or Damaged Pipes

Pipes are not made to last forever. The older they are, the more likely they will be prone to problems like cracks and leaks. If you notice a clogged drain at home, we recommend scheduling an inspection to ensure that the problem is not caused by old or damaged pipes.

Inefficient Sewer System

If our plumbers notice that your sewer drain is a little too small for the amount of water coming into it, we would recommend upgrading to a larger system. Afterwards, be sure to invest in regular drain cleaning services to keep your sewer system in great working condition.

Slow drains are a common plumbing problem, but our experts can help identify and fix the problem. When in need of professional drain snaking services, contact Wellbrook Plumbing today for inquiries.

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt DIY Drain Cleaning

DIY projects are all the rage today, but the DIY route is not always ideal, especially when it comes to your plumbing system. Drain cleaning, for instance, is one of the tasks that you should entrust to a professional like Wellbrook Plumbing. As experts in drain cleaning in Pelham, ON, we use gentle yet effective methods to clear out blockages and debris in your drains. We discuss the dangers of DIY drain cleaning below:

Potential of Causing Further Damage

When dealing with a clogged drain, you might get tempted to use cleaning chemicals. Even though some of them might work, many might not solve the problem you have. Excessive use of chemical cleaners can also corrode the interior of your pipes, leading to more serious issues. 

Lack of Proper Training and Equipment

Plumbing tools work best in the hands of an expert and not an amateur. Without the necessary knowledge, you may end up hurting yourself or anyone close to you. Leaving the complex equipment to the drain cleaning company is a great way to ensure that your drain problems are solved as efficiently as possible.

Additionally, while chemical drain cleaners can be bought in stores, hydro jetting and drain snaking equipment are not. These two methods are safer and more effective at getting rid of blockages in your drains, so it’s best to turn to a professional.

Keep Legal Issues Away

Plumbers have certifications allowing them to provide plumbing services. It means some procedures should only get done by experts with the qualifications. In some cases, tampering with the plumbing may cause issues with housing insurance. To avoid legal trouble, leave the work to an expert plumber in Pelham, ON.

Have you encountered any challenges with your drains? Schedule professional drain cleaning services with Wellbrook Plumbing. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

The Biggest Causes of Drain Clogs

A clogged drain may not seem like a serious plumbing problem, but when not dealt with right away, can lead to several plumbing issues. Fortunately, preventing clogged drains is simple. Wellbrook Plumbing discusses the biggest causes of drain clogs and how you can prevent them:

Oil and Grease

Oil, grease, and fat may block your pipes and damage your drainage system. While liquid when hot, oil and grease solidify as they cool, creating a severe blockage. While most homeowners believe that pouring hot water into the pipes may help in removing blockage, this is false. If you have a habit of pouring used oil and grease down your sink, be sure to schedule regular drain cleaning in Thorold, ON, to keep your pipes clean and clog-free.

Wipes and Diapers

Some people just dispose of diapers and wipes carelessly. You should note that only human waste and tissue papers should be flushed down the toilet. Wipes and diapers can block your pipes and cause serious issues. Professional drain cleaning services can help prevent clogs caused by improper waste disposal.

Food Waste

Dumping egg shells, vegetable peels, and other food waste down your kitchen sink or garbage disposal can lead to a clogged drain. These do not break down easily and can even attract pests in your plumbing system. If you are suffering from a clogged drain due to food waste, contact your local plumber in Thorold, ON, right away.


Human hair may be one of the biggest causes of clogs in bathroom drains. Over time, hair combines with soap scum and grease and attaches itself to the pipes. Fortunately, built up hair can be easily remedied by professional drain snaking services.

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Our Top Drain Maintenance Tips

The home drain system is one of the most overlooked parts of the home. However, your drain system, like all other parts of your plumbing, needs to be maintained in order to be at peak efficiency. If you schedule drain cleaning in Pelham, ON with an expert from Wellbrook Plumbing, you can be sure that your drains stay in shape. Here are some of our top drain maintenance tips:

1.  Prevent Putting Unwarranted Items Down the Drain

Any professional plumber in Pelham, ON can back up the fact that most chronic drain clog issues point to improper drain usage in the household. To be safe, remember that fats, oils, grease, and chunky debris should never go down the drain. Hard and bulky items like eggshells, coffee grounds, and medications should also stay out of the drain. These items will only lead to chronic clog issues.

2.  Schedule Professional Service When Needed

It’s always best to call our drain cleaning company as soon as you notice an issue with your drains. DIY methods may only worsen the issue, since you may not have the professional experience and toolset needed to solve the problem in the best manner. Letting the issue sit will shorten the lifespan of your drains as well, as they will have to work harder to do their job efficiently.

3.  Make Good Use of Store-Bought Items

DIY methods are rarely ever reliable, and all clogged drain issues should be left to the professionals anyway. However, there are things you can do on your own as a homeowner to help prevent clogging from taking place at all.

Consider talking to our industry professionals about screens and traps you can use to help prevent unwarranted items from going down the drain. When in doubt, schedule regular drain cleaning services courtesy of our team.

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Top 4 Reasons Behind Recurring Drain Clogs

Clogged drains hinder the flow of water in the drainage system. While these can easily be resolved with professional drain cleaning, recurring clogs are another problem. Wellbrook Plumbing, trusted plumber in Pelham, ON, discusses some of the possible reasons why you may be experiencing recurring clogs:

1.  Tree Roots

Typically, water sources attract tree roots. Once the roots gain access to small holes on the pipes, they penetrate and cause great obstruction in the system. So, when you notice the slightest sign of clogging in the sewer, contact a drain cleaning company for the proper solutions.

2.  Toilet Paper

It’s not easy for huge balls of toilet paper to flush through the drainage system. Instead, the result is an overflowing toilet bowl. Rather than flushing toilet paper, consider throwing them in the garbage instead to avoid recurring clogs. Scheduling regular drain snaking and hydro jetting are also great ways to prevent clogs from forming in your toilet.

3.  Small Objects

It’s common for children to dispose of random items in the sink or shower. These items can range from small toys to pebbles, and leaves. Over time, these can lead to serious clogs and cause extensive damage to your sewer system. To prevent this from happening, you can install drain covers on your drains and educate your kids on the consequences of disposing of foreign items through the drains.

4.  Food

Food is one of the most common causes of clogs in kitchen drains. Food scraps, oil, and grease accumulate in your pipes and cause large blockages that hinder the flow of water. Schedule regular drain cleaning services to keep your drains clean and clog free.

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How Bathroom Drains Get Clogged

With all the use your bathroom drains endure, it’s common for them to get clogged now and then. But occasionally, clogs can get very serious, and you need professional drain snaking to clear the drain. For severe clogs, call Wellbrook Plumbing and let us provide you with fast and efficient drain cleaning.

Our drain cleaning services will have your drains running smoothly in no time at all. There are several reasons why bathroom drains get clogged, and there are things you can do to avoid a clogged drain in your shower, tub, or bathroom sink. Here are some reasons that cause bathroom drains to get clogged.

Hair Buildup

Bathroom sinks, tub, and shower drains see a lot of hair. Over periods of time, the hair will accumulate in the pipes and cause a blockage. While many homeowners choose to use a chemical drain cleaner to clear hair clogs, we recommend professional drain cleaning in Thorold, ON that doesn’t involve using harsh chemicals that can damage your pipes and plumbing.

Soap Buildup

The drains in your bathroom endure an almost constant flow of soap. Soap will eventually accumulate along the pipe walls and result in a clogged drain. While using a plunger can sometimes dislodge a portion of the accumulation, it will not remove the buildup along the pipe walls. To ensure complete removal of all soap buildup, you need a plumber with the right tools and experience for proper and efficient drain cleaning. Our plumbers are skilled and experienced and will have any clogs in your bathroom sinks, tubs, or showers cleared quickly and effectively.

Toys and Other Small Objects

Kids love to play with toys while bathing or taking a shower. Kids also like to see things go down drains. If you experience a clogged shower or tub drain after your kids take a bath, then there’s a good chance that a toy or other small object is caught in the drain. Install drain catchers to prevent small objects from entering pipes and causing a clog.

When you need an experienced drain cleaning company to tackle stubborn clogs, call Wellbrook Plumbing and let us be your go-to plumbing company for drain cleaning, maintenance, and repairs.