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Signs That Require a Plumber for Fixture Repairs

General plumbing repairs for fixtures in your home or place of business is something that most people generally don’t look forward to. Problems with fixtures can occur at inopportune times and are rarely expected. Although plumbing fixtures are typically easy to replace, they can also be repaired. Being a transparent and honest plumbing company, after our inspection, we will advise you if it’s cheaper to repair the fixture or if a replacement makes more economic sense.

The first thing that you should do when experiencing a leaking fixture is to shut the water valve off, which is usually located under or behind the fixture. Here are the top three warning signs that fixture repair or replacement is required:

Fixtures Lack Water Efficiency – When a plumbing fixture lacks water efficiency, it is generally due to its age. In terms of efficient plumbing fixtures, it is often referred to as the water usage of the fixture itself. Back then, plumbing fixtures manufactured wasted a tremendous amount of water. As a result, since 1992 new regulations mandate low-flow fixtures for both residential and commercial plumbing fixtures. If your fixtures predate 1992, your fixtures lack water efficiency and should be replaced with modern low-flow fixtures.

Fixtures With Low Water Pressure – If your shower or faucet is lacking the power it once had, this could be a warning sign for replacement. Mineral deposits and hard water are known for building up over time and creating low water pressure in aging plumbing fixtures. Equally important, rust inside of pipes can also be another culprit that causes low water pressure. When it comes to honest plumbing repairs for fixtures, our team of technicians will always start by inspecting the fixture first.

In some simple cases, the fixture itself may be clogged and can be fixed quite easily, while some fixtures are beyond repair and require replacement. In either case, you will always get honest and trustworthy advice and service from our plumber in Welland, ON, and nearby areas from Wellbrook Plumbing.

The Physical Condition of the Fixture – When the physical condition of the plumbing fixture is not up to par, they become less than ideal and should be replaced. Rusty, cracked, loose, and hard to clean fixtures is a warning sign that your fixture has seen better days. Plumbing fixtures in rough shape are prone to leaking and creating bigger plumbing problems if neglected.

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