Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair Services in Pelham, ON

A sewer system transports waste and water away from a home every day. When it develops a problem, you’ll know it because certain aspects of the plumbing system will suffer. At Wellbrook Plumbing, we understand the importance of having a fully functional sewer system. If you need quality sewer repair in Pelham, ON, we can help. Our team consists of seasoned plumbers in Pelham, ON.

Signs You Need Residential Sewer Repair Services

As a sewer system has a network of pipes that run inside and outside a home, all repair signs are easy to detect. The following signs can occur when a residential sewer system requires maintenance or repairs:

  • Odd sounds: There is a lot of pressure in water lines. If there are any dramatic changes in these lines, you’ll hear sounds in drains where there is standing water. The loudest noises emit in a toilet. While the lid is up, you’ll hear gurgling noises as air moves in the drain.
  • Strong smells: The waste that travels through sewer lines emits gases. Although water from a neighborhood’s water supply mixes with the waste, the gas stays strong. If a sewer line is damaged, the gas fumes will escape. If a line is damaged outdoors, the gas may be faint if it mixes with the fresh air in the surroundings. When a line is damaged in an attic or basement, the scent will be stronger if the space doesn’t have great air circulation.
  • Slow drains: Some sewer line problems can reduce drainage speeds. These problems can affect a drain in a toilet, tub, shower, or sink.
  • Very green grass If you survey your property carefully, you may find patches of grass that are greener than others. This happens when raw sewage spills on the soil. Basically, organic matter feeds a lawn, and the nutrients give some patches of grass a richer color.
  • Soggy yard: Besides vibrant green grass, soggy patches are also signs that mean that a sewer line needs to be repaired. If there is raw sewage on the ground, you’ll find the leak easier if you can detect the foul odor.

Preparing for Sewer Repair Services in Pelham, ON

To fix a sewer line, we’ll have to dig a trench, so you should prepare your lawn for our team and equipment. If your property cleared, we’ll be able to begin and complete the sewer repair services in Pelham, ON, more effectively and efficiently.

Our Options to Replace Sewer Lines

Customer satisfaction is very important following a sewer line replacement, so we use quality pipes when we replace sewer lines to ensure long-lasting results. We recommend PVC and ABS pipes when there is a need to replace sewer line.

If you let us implement sewer line repair procedures to fix your sewer system, you’ll notice many improvements. For example, water will move faster, and fixtures will perform better.

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