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Drain Cleaning in Welland, ON, and the Surrounding Areas

Drain Cleaning in Welland, ONWhen looking into drain cleaning in Welland, ON, or in the surrounding areas, you need a plumber in the local area that specializes in the process. Wellbrook Plumbing is comprised of some of the best industry experts in the Niagara area.

Every plumber in Welland, ON, and nearby areas on our drain cleaning company is licensed, bonded, and insured, assuring our customers that they are getting care from the most qualified professionals around. Whether we’re handling general plumbing or working on drain cleaning services for your home, we make sure that we leave your plumbing system fully restored and up and running again.

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Reasons to Schedule Drain Cleaning

Clogs are one of the key reasons that people end up needing services like drain snaking or drain cleaning. Once a clog gets deep into your plumbing system, you’re going to need a plumber to get it out. There are several reasons that clogs end up forming in a home’s pipes.

When people stuff thick items like sanitary napkins or paper towels down the toilet, those items often end up getting stuck in the pipes. The toilet may still flush the first few times after this happens, but after a while, they end up getting jammed into the pipes. You’ll need to have a plumbing professional with special tools get deep down into the pipe.

Washing down grease, food, and other items the kitchen sink, those substances frequently get stuck deep down in the home’s plumbing system, causing clogs. Pouring hot water down the sink after the grease doesn’t help because after the water cools, the grease congeals and hardens. This results in a clog that will need to be removed with professional plumbing tools.

Hair washed down a bathtub drain easily gets stuck inside the pipes. Once in the drain, it binds with substances like oil, grease and shampoo residue, causing massive clogs.

Hard water deposits often build up in pipes, causing clogs. If you can’t use a water softener, you’ll need to have the drains regularly cleaned in order to remove the sediment.

Drain Cleaning Takes Care of Your Clogged Drain

Drain cleaning is an excellent way to get rid of deep backups in a clogged drain, and our team has the tools to do it properly. Drain cleaning in Welland, ON, and nearby areas is using a process called hydro jetting. With hydro jetting, we first insert a video camera into your drain. This will allow us to get a good look at where the clog is located and what it’s made out of. Once we locate the clog, we’ll use hydro jetting tools to get it out. Hydro jetting involves using a hose with a nozzle attached to it and inserting it into the hole. Once it’s inside, we’ll blast the hole with high-powered jets of water, removing the clog. You can think of it as a motorized, more powerful form of drain snaking.

While using hydro jetting is an excellent way of getting rid of existing clogs, we also recommend that you use drain cleaning services as a pipe maintenance and clog prevention tool. By scheduling regular drain cleaning with us, you’ll be helping keep your pipes clean, preventing clogs from building in the first place.

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