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First-Rate Sump Pump Repair in Thorold, ON

Sump pumps protect homes from flooding and give homeowners peace of mind during heavy downpours by rerouting water away from their foundations. A sump pump is also handy in the event that an underground water pipe should burst and leak water beneath the home’s slab. For these reasons, it’s important to call a plumber in Thorold, ON, if your sump pump stops working.

At Wellbrook Plumbing, we’re a local plumbing company that offers sump pump repair in Thorold, ON, and the surrounding areas during business hours. Whether you need repair, sump pump maintenance, or sump pump replacement, count on our team of professional, knowledgeable, and friendly plumbers for excellent service. No other team can offer our level of service.

Common Problems that Require Sump Pump Repair in Thorold, ON

For the most part, sump pumps get the job done, but that doesn’t mean problems can arise from time to time. Here are some problems that can affect the pump’s ability to do its job and protect your home.

A Bad Float – The float is the most important part of the pump’s configuration. It’s also the part that’s most at risk of not working. The job of the float is to trigger the pump to turn on. It rises with the water, and when the float reaches a certain level, water is pumped out of the pit. If the float is damaged, the pump won’t turn on. As part of your regular sump pump maintenance schedule, check the float regularly to make sure it’s not damaged.

Water Returns to the Pit – With this problem, the water doesn’t get rerouted. Instead, it returns to the pit. The likely culprit causing this problem is the check valve. Wellbrook Plumbing can help you fix this problem quickly through sump pump repair in Thorold, ON.

Jammed Impeller – Sump pumps have a screen that keeps debris out of the pit. However, sometimes, debris passes through the screen and the impeller jams. If this is happening with your sump pump, our plumbers will disassemble the pump and clean out the impeller.

Pump Won’t Turn On – Before you call for sump pump repair in Thorold, ON, first check to make sure the sump pump is getting electricity. Go to the circuit breaker and check if it is turned on. If it’s switched to the off position, turn it on. If so, the problem could be a bad pump. Call us to schedule a service call to inspect the pump. We’re one of the leading sump pump companies in Ontario.

We Offer More Than Just Sump Pump Repair

Would you like to install a sump pump? We can help you with complete sump pump installation. Whether your home has a sump rough-in or not, our team of experts has the tools and experience to dig pits and install pumps.

Wellbrook Plumbing also provides these other solutions in the local area, apart from sump pump services:

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