Water Heater Repair and Installation

Expert Water Heater Repair in Pelham, ON

Hot water is integral to so many things you do on a day to day basis. Whether it is cooking, doing dishes, washing laundry or bathing, you need a reliable supply of hot water. When all you get is cold water from your faucets, or you get no water pressure at all, it is time to reach out to a plumber in Pelham, ON.

That is when it is good to have an expert team like Wellbrook Plumbing at hand. We have been providing water heater repair in Pelham, ON, for over a decade. Our licensed plumbers are the epitome of professionalism, with pristine uniforms and friendly service with a smile.

Our prices are based on the water heater services needed, not the hours it takes to provide the service. That means you do not pay extra when a job takes longer than expected. It also means our team takes the time needed to do the job right the first time, rather than rushing to get it done within the budgeted hours.

Knowing When You Need Water Heater Repair

There are telltale signs your water heater needs repair. If you experience any of these symptoms you need to unplug it from the power, turn the water supply off, then call a plumber in Pelham, ON, from Wellbrook Plumbing.

  • Loud noises from the water heater
  • Low or no water pressure for hot water
  • Rust-colored water
  • Metallic smelling water
  • Pooling water around your water heater
  • Waiting longer than usual for hot water
  • Lukewarm water

All of these may be signs you need a water heater replacement. They may also be signs of your existing unit needing service.

If you have a tankless water heater, there are two other signs to keep in mind. First, if your water temperature fluctuates from too cold too hot. Second, is power fluctuations in your home. These may appear as anything from flickering lights to tripping a breaker.

Dangers of DIY Water Heater Repair in Pelham, ON

When you do need water heater services, it is best to higher a trained and licensed professional. This is especially critical if you are attempting a water heater replacement with a gas unit. Even a small misstep could cause significant property damage and personal harm.

In the last 10-15 years that your water heater has been sitting in your home, the building codes may have changed. That means when you need a water heater replacement, you may also need to update some of the electrical or plumbing for the heater. Wellbrook Plumbing ensures thorough solutions when it comes to water heater repair in Pelham, ON.

If you have tankless water heaters, they may seem like they are much easier to work on or install. However, they can still lead to a flood, burns, electrical shock and more if not done properly. Know the risks of the job you need to have done and call the experts for help. Wellbrook Plumbing also offers:

Reach Out to Wellbrook Plumbing for Water Heater Repair

Whether you need repair services during business hours or are planning a new water heater installation, the team at Wellbrook Plumbing has you covered. Our team is professional, polite, and is focused on doing the job you brought them in to do.

The entire team is licensed and insured, so you can trust they are more than a handyman with a wrench. We offer complete upfront pricing, so you know exactly how much the job is going to cost, with no surprises at the end. Give Wellbrook Plumbing a call to schedule your consultation today.

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At Wellbrook Plumbing, we offer a variety of services to meet your every need. If you do not see the service you require listed, a member of our team will happily coordinate a consultation with you to determine the best solution.