Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning in Welland, ON

If you’re looking into drain cleaning in Welland, ON, you need to find a plumber who works with a top-of-the-line team and who has plenty of experience with the process. Wellbrook Plumbing can help. We offer all types of services ranging from general plumbing to drain cleaning services.

When it comes to drain cleaning services, you’re dealing with a type of service that can be used as both maintenance and repair. When you work with us, you’ll be able to look at it as both. We can send a top plumber in Welland, ON, that has years of experience in ensuring clog-free drains.

Reasons to Have Drain Cleaning

One of the biggest reasons that people need to hire a plumber for drain cleaning in Welland, ON, is because they’re dealing with clogged drains. When you have a clog that’s simple and straightforward, you can usually repair it by snaking the drain or by using a couple of pumps of a plunger. Deeper, more stubborn clogs require drain cleaning. There are several situations that frequently result in clogged drains.

  • Bulky Items in a Toilet: When you flush items like paper towels or sanitary napkins down the toilet bowl, those items can get stuck deep within the pipe. Plunging or drain snaking will most likely not remove the item, so you’ll need to use stronger methods of extraction.
  • Grease Down the Sink: People often experience serious clogs in their kitchen drains because they wash grease from cooking down the sink. Even if you follow up the grease with hot water, the water will eventually cool and the grease will congeal, causing a clogged.
  • Leaves, Dirt, and Debris: Dirt, leaves and other debris often get caught in plumbing pipes, causing blockages. Over time, these blockages get huge preventing water from flowing through.

Remove Clogs through Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is one of the most effective ways to remove clogs. With drain cleaning in Welland, ON, we use hydro jetting tools in order to remove anything blocking the pipes. Hydro jetting tools consist of a hose with a nozzle attached. First, we’ll lower a video camera into the drain in order to find out exactly where the clog is located. Once we find it, we’ll then lower the hydro jetting hose into the drain and blast the blockage with highly pressurized water, removing the clog.

One of the best ways to use drain cleaning in Welland, ON, is as a maintenance tool. By scheduling regular drain cleaning with Wellbrook Plumbing, you can help ensure that your drain remains fully operational throughout the year. We’ll be able to spot backups and jams just as they’re beginning so that we can blast them away. We’ll be able to take care of minor issues before they turn into big ones.

Schedule an Appointment for Drain Cleaning

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