During the summer months, water conservation is a hot topic across all households. We constantly consider how many times are we watering the lawn, flushing the toilet, letting the faucet run, filling the pool, and even considering how long our cold showers can take to cool off after a hot day.

Regardless of the interior and outdoor water usage that households undergo in the summer months, it is a very important topic continuing into the winter months considering that just a few years ago, households were responsible for 58% of overall water resources. Considering a year-round conservation of water is in all of our minds, trying to be the most economically and environmentally friendly as possible.

Focusing on winter-friendly house hacks like outdoor faucet repair, burst pipe repair and plumbing leak repair can be very valuable information, we’re going to talk about the preventative measures that we can help you take to ensure your household plumbing systems are running crystal clear this winter.

Locate Your Households Main Water Valve

Ensuring that you know how to shut off and turn on your water valve is essential in the winter months. If you run into any issues or take on any winterization practices for your home, knowing how to access this valve yourself will help when beginning these steps.

If you reach out to a trusted Niagara plumber when you have noticed a plumbing leak or pipe burst, it will help your plumber to have the water shut off and ready to be inspected, which can help lead to a faster fix for your plumbing system.

Winterize Your Pipes

To prepare for the freezing temperatures entering your pipes, water sources and household in the upcoming season, it is crucial to prevent plumbing damage and burst pipes by winterizing your pipes.

Winterizing your pipes is a useful precaution for vacation homes if you will not be using your water sources at all in the winter. By shutting off the water valve, allowing the pipe to rid all of its water, and draining as much water as possible from toilets, shower heads, faucets, and any other tap or water holding sources, your pipes will be pristine and ready to hold water in the warmer months without creating leaks or burst pipes while you are not there.

Allow Your Taps To Drip

When water remains in the pipes inactive when you are not home or not using the faucets, it is completely okay to allow your taps to drip or run steadily and slowly to take a precaution before your pipes require a repair from frozen water storage and leaks. It is common to practice never letting the water run, however for the winter months, it is worth taking this precaution before running into any issues.

Have Your Trusted Niagara Plumber Check For Leaks After First Thaw

After the winter has reached its peak and the pipes are beginning to thaw and return to its comfortable state, it is time to call a trusted Niagara plumber.

Wellbrook Plumbing Inc. has been servicing the Niagara Peninsula for 10 years, helping homeowners and businesses keep their plumbing systems in good condition. We would be happy to help you through the winterization process and through ensuring that you are conserving water when the cold weather comes!  Connect with our team below.