Factors to Consider When Choosing a New Water Heater

The importance of a water heater in a household cannot be overstated, even though most homeowners ignore their water heaters until they break down or it’s time to replace them. Getting a new water heater can be a hassle, even if you’ve owned one. Wellbrook Plumbing, trusted experts in water heater repair in Pelham, ON, takes pride in providing our customers with quality plumbing services and can help you find the best heater for your home. Here are some important factors to consider:

The Energy Source

You should think about what kind of energy source the heater will be using before getting a new water heater installation. Most water heaters for home usage are powered by either gas or electricity. However, you might incur higher expenses if you switch from one kind to another.

The Capacity of the Water Heater

Water heaters usually have a capacity of 40-60 gallons. The maximum amount of water used at any given time in your household determines the size of the water heater you need. If you find that you often run out of hot water, we recommend investing in a tankless unit that can provide hot water on demand.

The Space Available

When shopping for a new water heater, space is also an important consideration. Therefore, having adequate room in your house for a storage water heater’s colossal tank, which may store up to 80 or more gallons of hot water, is essential. However, a tankless water heater may be the best choice if you have limited space in your house.

The Efficiency of the Water Heater

A high-efficiency water heater is essential to keep your hot water supply without wasting electricity or fuel. The EF, or energy factor, is allocated to each water heater model. Water heaters with a higher energy factor use less energy and last longer, preventing the yearly need for a water heater replacement.

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Signs You Should Replace Your Water Heater

Most people don’t think about their water heater until it breaks. And by that time, it can be a costly mistake to try and fix it. If you notice any of the signs below, Wellbrook Plumbing recommends investing in a new water heater in Welland, ON

1. The Water Heater is Past its Service Life

Water heater replacement may not be at the top of your to-do list, but it’s worth considering if it is more than 10 years old. A new water heater will be more energy-efficient, but it will also provide you with peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable appliance that can meet your needs.

2. There are Strange Noises Coming From the Heater

If you notice banging, popping, or other suspicious sounds, it could signify that the water heater is beginning to fail. This could be a sign of sediment build-up in the bottom of the water heater tank. When water is heated, sediment can fall to the bottom of the tank and create a layer that insulates the water from the heat source. If you notice strange noises coming from your water heater, it’s time to schedule prompt inspection and water heater services.

3. The Water Heater is Leaking

One of the most common signs that your water heater needs to be replaced is if it starts to leak. Not only can this cause extensive damage to your home, but it can also lead to a spike in your utility bills. If you notice leaking around the tank or valves, it’s best to call a professional for help. Another sign that your water heater is on its last legs is if it takes longer than usual for hot water to reach your faucets. This could be due to a faulty heating element or sediment build-up in the tank. If you find yourself waiting longer for hot water, it might be time to upgrade to a tankless water heater. This type of water heater heats water on demand.

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What Causes Corrosion in Your Water Heater?

Corrosion is a process that can happen in many ways, but it always leads to the same outcome: destruction. In the case of water heaters, corrosion can cause serious damage and eventually lead to failure. Today, Wellbrook Plumbing, the trusted plumber in Port Colborne, ON, discusses what causes corrosion in water heaters and what the different types of corrosion are. 

Oxygen Levels in Water

The most common type of corrosion that occurs in water heaters is caused by the presence of dissolved oxygen in the water. When the water heater tank is filled with water, the oxygen in the air and water combine with the metal in the tank to form a weak oxide layer. This layer is called rust. Rust has a reddish color and forms on the outer surface of the metal tank. As time goes by, this layer will continue to grow and will eventually cause the tank to fail. Regular maintenance after water heater installation is key to preventing rust in your heater’s tank.

Electrical Currents

Another type of corrosion that can occur in water heaters is known as electrolytic corrosion. This occurs when an electrical current passes through the metal in the tank, causing it to corrode. This can happen in many types of water heaters, but is most common in electric water heaters. When you notice signs of corrosion in your heater, schedule prompt water heater repair in Port Colborne, ON


The final type of corrosion that can happen in water heaters is known as pitting. Pitting is caused when the metal in the tank becomes pitted, causing water to leak out of the tank. This type of corrosion is usually caused by a combination of factors and can be prevented with regular maintenance or water heater replacement.

So, what can you do to prevent corrosion from happening in your water heater? The best way to prevent corrosion is by scheduling regular cleaning and water heater services with a professional like Wellbrook Plumbing. 

Aside from maintenance and repair services, we also install both traditional and tankless water heater systems, and can help you choose the ideal type for your home. Schedule an appointment with our expert team today.

The Risks of DIY Water Heater Repair

There are many risks involved with DIY water heater repair that you don’t want to take. Homeowners who choose to do this themselves run the risk of damaging their property and risking potential dangers for their families and pets by exposing them to carbon monoxide poisoning. That’s where Wellbrook Plumbing Company comes in. For these reasons, it is always best to contact an expert for water heater repair in Pelham, ON:

1. Water Damage

In case any water heater appliance experiences damage, water heater replacement should be a priority. A leaking water heater can lead to flooding, which can also cause mold and mildew growth if not taken care of right away. A leak from a water heater doesn’t only cause damage to your home; it can also cause electrical problems that can lead to electrocution if not fixed immediately.

2. Improper Repairs

Water heaters are composed of different parts that work together to heat water at your desired temperature and simultaneously deliver the heated water to your faucet or shower. It’s important to have a thorough understanding of these parts before performing water heater installation or repair to ensure that your unit works properly and efficiently.

3. Gas Leaks

Unless you have a tankless water heater, it can be risky to perform repairs on heaters by yourself. Most traditional heaters are powered by gas, which can be tricky to handle. Without the proper training and equipment, you may be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and other harmful effects of gas inhalation. Rather than risk the health of your household, be sure to reach out to your trusted local plumbing company.

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Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

Regular water heater maintenance and checks can help identify if a problem is present in your unit, but you should still be on the lookout for the possible signs that something isn’t right in between those check-ups. And, if you spot any of these red flags, consider hiring a plumber in Niagara Falls, ON to help you fix it. Wellbrook Plumbing shares some common water heater issues below:

The Water Tank Is Leaking

Water heater tanks leak quite often, and it can become a problem when it isn’t fixed because sitting water can corrode flooring and cause harm to nearby electrical equipment. So, as soon as you notice a leak, be sure to schedule prompt water heater repair in Niagara Falls, ON.

The Water Isn’t Hot

The top sign a water heater isn’t working properly is running water that should be hot but isn’t. You may also notice that your water fluctuates from hot to cold quickly or just doesn’t consistently remain hot, and these all point to water heater problems. If your water heater is old, it may have too many minerals deposited in the internal parts, and a water heater replacement is the best option.

The Water Is Discolored

Old water heaters also have a habit of turning water a dark brownish color. This indicates water heater rusting, and this can occur with any type of water heater tank. Consider getting a tankless water heater if you encounter this problem often.

The Water Tank Sounds Strange

All water heaters make noises when they are in use, and this is totally normal. However, if you notice that your water heater begins making unrecognizable sounds, call a professional for help, as different sounds can mean different water heater services will be needed.

If you need new water heater installation performed or need emergency repairs, contact Wellbrook Plumbing to schedule an appointment.

The Main Parts of Tankless Water Heaters

Having a properly functioning tankless water heater at home is important, especially during the colder seasons. Fortunately, it’s easy to maintain your unit’s great condition with regular maintenance and repairs. It’s also important to understand the different parts of a tankless heater and how they function, so you can care for your unit better. Wellbrook Plumbing discusses these below:

Ignition Systems

One major reason that homeowners need water heater repair in Niagara Falls, ON is because of a faulty ignition system. This is responsible for turning the gas or electric power on, allowing your unit to function. Other main systems include the venting system which gets rid of certain gasses and safety systems that help maintain security.

Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is a device that’s made usually of a copper tube or stainless steel. They take the heat generated from the gas burner and move it into the water to heat it. When you get a new water heater installation, be sure that your technician inspects the heat exchanger to ensure that it is working properly.

Combustion and Burner Parts

Gas valves are pieces that help to adjust heat power based on how much water is flowing. They are also connected to the combustion fan below the burner to help with power and modulation. If you notice a problem with these parts of your water heater, don’t hesitate to contact our experts for prompt water heater services.


Other main parts of the tankless system include the electronics and the control panel board. It’s important to reach out to Wellbrook Plumbing, the trusted plumber in Niagara Falls, ON, when you experience issues with the control panel board of your heater for quality and lasting solutions.

Whether you are in need of a water heater replacement or simply wish to maintain your current tankless unit, the experts at Wellbrook Plumbing can help you. Contact us today for an appointment.