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Homeowners call us when they need repairs requiring a plumber in Niagara Falls, ON. Our superior plumbing services are the reason we have been able to remain on top of the industry. We treat our customers in a professional manner. Our company values each client we serve. They always return to us for plumbing repairs and other plumbing concerns.

We are the experts when it comes to specializing in the replacement of parts or new installations. Whatever homeowners in our area need, Wellbrook Plumbing can handle the task with professionalism. Our staff is highly skilled in training and experience to be the company everyone relies on around the area.

Fixture Services from Your Plumber

Homeowners gain a lot of benefits when they replace old plumbing fixtures with modern ones. They can save money by improved energy efficiency. Another way a homeowner will benefit is by reducing the number of service appointments needed for repairs.

Saving space is another benefit of installing new fixtures. Nothing can be more embarrassing than guests visiting at the house, having to use a toilet that needs to be replaced. We can take care of that with a new installation. Leaky faucets are another issue when people have hard water. The sinks become stained with a yellow or rusty color.

The dishwasher or garbage disposal can stop working due to many years of use. Sediment buildup can affect the plumbing fixtures. The water heater can leak or stop working from sediment inside the storage tank. Replacing these fixtures can make a huge difference in performance and repairs.

A tankless or on-demand water heater takes up less room by not having a storage tank to hold hot water. These systems are energy efficient too. Many homeowners install more than one when they use a lot of water or have large families.

Needing Plumbing Services

Don’t allow a plumbing issue to affect your day, give our company a call right away. We value everyone who lives in the area. Our company wants to help when a plumbing issue develops. We can take care of those leaking faucets. A ruptured water line is no problem for us to replace.

People who use gas water heaters should never attempt to repair them. They can be dangerous to homeowners that don’t know what to do. The risk of carbon monoxide is another reason to contact us to repair the problem. We can remove a leaking water heater easily for a new replacement. Our staff handles a lot of service appointments for water heaters. Contact us for an experienced plumber in Niagara Falls, ON.

Homeowners doing remodeling projects in the kitchen and bathroom of their homes can contact us for assistance with installation of new appliances or to accomplish light reworking of pipes. We do bathtubs and whirlpools. A new vanity with a gorgeous sink is easy for us to handle. We are the plumbing company to take care of any installations a homeowner need.

We can install a whole house water filtering system with a water softener to add more value to the home. It will clean the water supply of contaminants. The system will make the water healthier for drinking.

Here is a look at our complete services:

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Homeowners wanting to discuss anything concerning plumbing can call or use our contact form on our website. We will get in touch with them about how we can help with plumbing repairs or other services. We guarantee homeowners will be satisfied with our services in the local area.

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