In most 21st century developed countries, finding access to clean water is not something you have to worry about. It’s an expected reality. It is as easy as turning on the tap and filling our glass, not giving a second thought to whether that water is clean and drinkable.

Many people believe in the myth that as long as they pay their water bills, they will always have a never-ending supply of clean water. When in reality, the truth is that water is an extremely limited resource. Although we are surrounded by it in coming out of our taps, in our oceans, lakes, and rivers, only one per cent of the earth’s water supply is available for human use.

Are you Wasting Water?

Wellbrook Plumbing is committed to the environment and the conservation of water.

As both local plumbers and homeowners, we want to ensure that all of our customers are taking the proper steps in analyzing their water usage, while also taking precautions to conserve water.

Wellbrook can help you choose the right high-efficiency fixtures and install them in your home. These fixtures will help to conserve water as well as save you money on your water bill. Other than installing high-efficiency fixtures in your home, there are different practices you can follow to do your part to conserve water:

  • Check all faucets for leaks. Small drips may seem minor in terms of wasting water, however, a leaky faucet has the potential to waste up to 150 gallons a day. If the faucet continues to leak, call your local plumber to immediately fix the issue.
  • Check the temperature on your water heater. If it is above 120°F you are wasting energy.
  • How high is your water pressure? If it is above 60 PSI there is too much pressure in your system. Excessive pressure can often cause leaks.
  • Have Wellbrook Plumbing install a low-flow toilet. A high-efficiency toilet uses as little as 1.6 gallons per flush, compared to 3.5 gallons used in conventional toilets.
  • Make an effort to run your dishwasher or laundry machine for full loads only.

Not only will applying these practices conserve water and energy, but they will also significantly assist in lowering your next water bill!

Call a Trusted Local Plumber

At Wellbrook Plumbing we want to be a part of a positive water conservation movement. Our team of licensed plumbing professionals can help you conserve more water in your home. We For more information, book a consultation with your trusted local plumber today.