Slow drains are one of the most common residential plumbing issues, and can be caused by several things. Wellbrook Plumbing, experts in drain cleaning in Pelham, ON, recommend scheduling this service regularly to avoid slow drain. If you notice a slow drain in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other area of your home, here are some of the possible reasons:

Clog in the Drains

A clog is typically the cause of a slow drain. This can be caused by hair buildup, waste particles, or even grease buildup on the pipes. Frequent drain cleaning services by a reputable drain cleaning company can help prevent clogs from forming in your drains.

Presence of Roots in the Sewer Line

This is a more severe issue that requires a thorough inspection. After our technicians have determined the exact location of the roots, we can then proceed to remove it. Roots can clog your sewer lines and cause slow drains, and over time it can even lead to leaks.

Old or Damaged Pipes

Pipes are not made to last forever. The older they are, the more likely they will be prone to problems like cracks and leaks. If you notice a clogged drain at home, we recommend scheduling an inspection to ensure that the problem is not caused by old or damaged pipes.

Inefficient Sewer System

If our plumbers notice that your sewer drain is a little too small for the amount of water coming into it, we would recommend upgrading to a larger system. Afterwards, be sure to invest in regular drain cleaning services to keep your sewer system in great working condition.

Slow drains are a common plumbing problem, but our experts can help identify and fix the problem. When in need of professional drain snaking services, contact Wellbrook Plumbing today for inquiries.