two sump pumps

The likelihood of your home flooding during a storm is greatly reduced when you have a properly working sump pump. Sump pumps remove water from the ground around a building’s foundation when in excess. At Wellbrook Plumbing, we offer quality sump pump installation services for all types of sump pumps. We discuss more about each one below:

1. Submersible pumps

These are electric-operated pumps that combine the motor and the pump body. As the name suggests, these pumps are submerged in the sump pit water.

2. Pedestal pumps

The motor sits above the pump in a pedestal pump, while the intake impeller sits at the base. The pump’s motor can be destroyed if water collects around the pedestal. The motor above the sump pit makes them less effective and noisier. A smaller pit that can’t house a submersible sump pump works better with pedestal pumps.

3. Battery operated backup

Backup pumps come in handy in the event the primary pump stops operating. They are set to start automatically if the main pump fails before seeking sump pump repair in Welland, ON. Most backup pumps are battery-powered or water-powered, but none use corded electric power.

4. Water powered backup

Some backup sump pumps can be operated only by water pressure and do not require an electrical connection. Unfortunately, there are a lot of limitations to the comfort of unlimited gameplay. For water-driven pumps to function, a constant supply of pressurized water, such as that provided by a municipality, is required.

A water-powered sump pump will not be efficient in homes where the water supply originates from a well or other low-pressure source, such as a water closet. Battery-operated alternatives often have simpler setup processes, and sump pump replacement is easier in case of a malfunction.

5. Combination sump pump

A combination pump is a type of pump where sump pump companies combine the primary pump with a battery backup pump in the same unit. The battery-operated backup pump will automatically activate when the main pump breakdown or there is a power outage.

For professional sump pump maintenance and repair services, look no further than Wellbrook Plumbing. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.