Listening to a leaking faucet can be maddening. In some cases, it can be a simple fix – if the loose seal is obvious and you can tighten it, you may be able to stop the leak. However, it can be much more difficult than you think, and if done incorrectly you can have a much bigger problem on your hands than a dripping noise.

Faucets are Complicated Systems

Faucets may seem simple, but if you don’t have the experience or knowledge, you aren’t likely to do the job correctly. It is a common scene in sitcoms or movies: characters reach for a wrench to fix a leaky pipe and wind up drenched in water with a much more serious problem. While this is an exaggeration of the risks you’re facing, it’s not too far off from reality. Faucet systems aren’t as simple as they may seem, and it is best to leave it to the professionals to avoid more expensive repairs.

You May Have Potentially Larger Plumbing Issues

Not all leaky faucets are the result of an issue with the washer or seal. While these are the most common culprits, we have seen instances of leaky faucets that have been indicators of larger problems within your plumbing system.

If you find this out when you have dismantled your faucet to fix the issue, you may now have a longer waiting period before a Niagara plumbing company can send a licensed plumber to your home. If your faucet is dismantled, this could mean having to wait days without using your sink.

Get Your Faucet Fixed Right the First Time

If you have attempted to fix the problem yourself and uncovered that there is a larger issue (or have caused a larger issue in your attempted repairs), the Niagara plumber who is dispatched to your home will now be facing a much bigger job. This means a much higher bill then it would be to simply fix the leaky faucet.

Call a Trusted Niagara Plumber

No homeowner wants to pay for a job to be done twice. Call an experienced Niagara plumbing company first, and have them send a licensed plumber to your home to address the leaky faucet right away. What you may think is an unnecessary expense can actually be the best way to save your home from damage and your wallet from expensive repairs.

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