Most homeowners don’t think about existing or potential future plumbing problems when they plan a bathroom remodel. They’re often concerned about design, lighting, and organizational changes, such as adding more counter or cupboard space, increasing the amount of light with more fixtures or a skylight, or swapping out a tub or shower with a newer model. Yet, a bathroom remodel offers them the perfect opportunity to ask a plumber in Welland, ON, to make the necessary changes that can prevent future emergency calls. Wellbrook Plumbing recommends considering the following critical plumbing alterations:

Line Replacements

During a bathroom remodel, a homeowner usually has to consider the relocation of pipes for cosmetic reasons, such as leaving pipes exposed in more modern designs or hiding them within cabinets or walls. Additionally, they can hire a plumbing company to inspect the entire plumbing system, clean the drains, and replace any pipes and attached systems that need extensive repairs or no longer meet modern building health and safety codes.

Optimization Upgrades

If the current pipes often clog because they’re too narrow, a homeowner can use the remodel to upgrade the drain pipes and drains to wider options that don’t clog as easily. Experienced plumbing professionals usually make environmentally friendly and money-saving recommendations at this time as part of their offered plumbing services. They might recommend smart faucets and shower heads, low-flow toilets and tankless water heaters that prevent water waste. Typically, with green installations and replacements, a homeowner can even enjoy greater home value and insurance savings.

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