A home’s water heater is responsible for producing all warm water for bathing and cleaning. Without a properly working water heater, you will be unable to take hot showers or wash your dishes in hot water, making your daily life much more difficult and likely unpleasant. Understanding common water heater issues in the home can help you to determine when to call on a professional plumber in Thorold, ON, such as Wellbrook Plumbing.

Lack of Hot Water Production

If you notice a significant lack of hot water production or if your hot water heater is simply incapable of generating hot water anymore, you likely require water heater repair in Thorold, ON. At Wellbrook Plumbing, we are well-versed in all kinds and models.

Keep in mind, however, that if your water heater is older than 8-12 years, we may recommend a new water heater installation in Thorold, ON.

Pilot Light Problems

A water heater’s pilot light should always appear blue beneath your water heater itself once it is turned on and in the process of heating water. If your pilot light is yellow, orange, or simply does not ignite, you need our water heater services in Thorold, ON, to remedy the issue, as the water is simply not being heated properly or as intended.

Sediment and Rusty Water

Rusty water inside of a water heater or sediment and mineral buildup at the bottom of your water heater are both clear indicators that a repair or a complete replacement is necessary. It is best to avoid the use of a water heater with rusty, brown, or dingy water. Consult Wellbrook Plumbing if a tankless water heater in Thorold, ON, is an option for your home.

Whether you are interested in learning more about a tankless water heater or if you require a complete water heater replacement in Thorold, ON, get in touch with us today. Schedule an appointment by calling Wellbrook Plumbing or filling out the online form.