Are you in the market for a cottage? Looking for a summer escape for your family? We love that Niagara is close to so many amazing places for you to find your dream cottage. We do, however, have a few things to help you find a cottage that suits your family’s needs and won’t set you up to spend more money on plumbing issues. 

When looking at possible cottages, it is important to really dive into the plumbing system. Many of these buildings are older, not on a municipal water system, and sit dormant for the winter months which can mask some unpleasant surprises. 

Water Supply:

Identify the cottage’s water supply. Does the water run off a well or a water pump in the lake? You also want to see what condition the pipes associated with the property’s water supply are in. Unmaintained pipes could not only mean problems down the line but could also mean the water source hasn’t been well maintained either. No one wants a leak on opening weekend after a long winter. 

Septic Tank: 

Is there a sewage system or a septic tank/field. This is a crucial piece of information because it can determine long term maintenance planning if your cottage runs on an older septic tank. 

Water Damage: 

Look at the walls and ceiling closely, keeping an eye out for water damage and staining. Previous issues may mean that the system is in need of updates, repairs, or long overdue maintenance. 

Test the Plumbing:

Go around and turn each of the faucets on and off to test both the hot water and water pressure. No one wants a cold shower because the water heater is in need of an upgrade or a tap that hardly runs because the water pump hasn’t been properly maintained over the years. 

Cottages are wonderful and provide an escape from the busyness of everyday life but without the proper information, can become a burden on your pockets. To ensure that your investment is going to be both fun and frugal, make sure your potential property ticks all the boxes with the tips above. It’s a good idea to bring a licenced plumber along for your inspection to catch any hidden issues. Contact Wellbrook Plumbing for an appointment to check out your Niagara cottage today.