Dealing with a clogged toilet or drain is not always easy or quick, especially if there is an underlying issue contributing to the clog itself. When you are dealing with a clogged drain in Port Colborne ON, it is best to turn to Wellbrook Plumbing.

As a top professional drain cleaning company in Port Colborne, ON, we can make sure your drain is unclogged swiftly and properly. Understanding what the top causes of clogged drains are can help you to implement the right form of preventative maintenance in the future.

      • Hair is the number one culprit that requires drain cleaning in Port Colborne. ON. Without proper hair catchers or drain stoppers in place, hair is likely to clog your shower, sink, or toilet drains. When brushing or styling your hair, do so away from any open drains or sinks to prevent the hair from getting trapped and clogged within the drain itself.

      • Soap scum is another contributor to major drain clogs, in both bathroom and kitchen drains. A buildup of soap scum over time and breaks in between running hot water can cause the soap to harden, clogging the drain altogether.

      • If you have children or pets, it is best to keep drains covered or toilet seats closed at all times, as toys and small objects can quickly cause a major clog in any area or drain in your home.

      • Dirt and mud buildup can also harden, causing additional clogs and slow-draining drains. When coming in from outside, always be sure to shake or brush off excess mud and dirt buildup from work or from outdoors. Washing dirt and mud down your drain can significantly contribute to the overall clogs within your drain system. Fortunately, our team offers drain cleaning services in Port Colborne, ON.


      • Excess mineral buildup from a lack of ongoing maintenance may require the help of a professional plumber in Port Colborne ON. Eliminating excessive mineral buildup is not always easy when doing so without the proper tools, equipment, and solutions, which is why it is best to leave an excessive mineral buildup job to Wellbrook Plumbing.

Whether you require extensive drain snaking in Port Colborne, ON, or any other plumbing services, calling on the professionals at Wellbrook Plumbing can help you to unclog any toilet or drain in a timely manner. Call us today or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.