Moving into a new home is an exciting new adventure! It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying a new home and forget to check for any underlying issues the home may have. Calling a local plumber to come and inspect your new home when you move in can help to make sure that you did not miss any plumbing faults that may have come with the home.

How To Find A Trusted Local Plumber

If you are new to a neighbourhood, finding a trusted local plumber can be a difficult task. Simply looking up “local plumbing companies” in a search engine will not provide the answers you need. Review websites like Homestars, Yelp, and even Facebook can help find a highly-rated plumber. Talking to other people and asking who they use is a great resource as well. If you started a new job or met some new neighbours, ask people around you who they use and then follow up by looking at reviews to help in your search.

Book a Full Home Inspection

Even if you think your new home is move-in ready, it is beneficial to call a trusted local plumber to come and perform a full home inspection. A full home inspection will be able to uncover problems that may not have been detected until they have caused significant damage. Leaks are a plumbing issue that can often go undetected until they start to cause more damage. Dripping taps and drainage issues are common plumbing problems that could be happening in your new home that may not be an emergency plumbing problem but could cause bigger problems in the future.

Wellbrook Plumbing Is A Trusted Local Plumber

Wellbrook Plumbing is a reliable plumbing company that has been servicing the Niagara Region since 2010. Our team works with each client addressing their specific situation providing exceptional service and quality work. Contact Wellbrook Plumbing to schedule your inspection for your new home with one of our insured and licensed plumbers.