Water filtration units absorb water impurities such as chlorine odour, taste, copper, mercury, cadmium and zinc. When something goes wrong with your water filtration system in Thorold, ON, you have two choices: to repair the unit, or to get a new one.

Being experts in water filtration services, we can help you identify the ideal time for a replacement. Wellbrook Plumbing offers the following insight into when to replace your water filter system.

Consider the Service Life

Unless otherwise indicated by your plumber, most standard water filters usually have a lifespan of more than a year. Since every house has a different water softener system that caters to the unique needs of each household, some filter units might need to be replaced earlier than others due to various factors including temperature, pressure, quality of the water supply, and usage.


Your water maintenance system has a finite service life, but this can be extended when you are diligent about regular upkeep. If your filter unit is well-maintained and does not run into issues, a replacement can be delayed.

Water Quality

How pure or how contaminated your water supply is plays a big role in whether or not you’d need to replace your water softener system soon. For instance, if you have a hard water supply, water conditioning services will come in handy. Hard water can contribute to scale buildup, and eventually, clogging. In this case, a new water filtration system might be ideal. 

Contact the Experts

Wellbrook Plumbing offers both water treatment services and filtration services to ensure that you and your family enjoy clean and safe water. If you’re having issues with your water filter unit, please don’t think twice and contact our team today.