Leaking sump pump Welland, ON

A sump pump is a critical component of a home’s waterproofing system. It removes excess water from the basement, protects the foundation, and prevents costly water damage. However, like any mechanical device, sump pumps can experience problems over time. Wellbrook Plumbing, the trusted in sump pump repair in Pelham, ON, explains how to resolve common sump pump issues:

The Pump Won’t Turn On

Check the power supply first if your sump pump doesn’t turn on. Ensure the circuit breaker is not tripped, and the pump is plugged in correctly. If you find out that the power supply is not the problem, the float switch may be stuck or damaged. To fix this issue, inspect the switch and ensure it moves freely. If it’s damaged, have it replaced with a new one. It is recommended to contact a professional for any sump pump replacement services.

The Sump Pump Runs Continuously

This can get caused by a stuck float switch or a faulty check valve. Ensure the switch moves freely up and down and the check valve is installed appropriately. If these are not the issues, the pump may be too small for the water it needs to pump. Therefore, you may need to contact your plumber to arrange for a larger sump pump installation.

The Pump is Making Strange Noises

If your sump pump makes unusual noises, such as grinding or rattling sounds, it may be due to a clogged discharge pipe, a damaged impeller, or a loose connection. To fix this issue, check the discharge pipe for obstructions and inspect the impeller for damage. Tighten any loose connections and have any damaged parts replaced as needed. Our experts have extensive experience in sump pump maintenance and can help make your pump more efficient and durable.

The Pump is not Pumping Water

If your sump pump is not pumping water out, it may be due to a clogged or frozen discharge line. To fix this issue, check the discharge line for any obstructions or ice. If the line is clogged, remove the obstruction; if it’s frozen, use a hair dryer or heat gun to thaw it. You can trust us to provide reliable and trustworthy services as we are one of the leading sump pump companies.

Avoid trying to repair these issues yourselves, as you may end up worsening the problem. Contact Wellbrook Plumbing today to schedule an appointment with our professional team.