Clogged drains hinder the flow of water in the drainage system. While these can easily be resolved with professional drain cleaning, recurring clogs are another problem. Wellbrook Plumbing, trusted plumber in Pelham, ON, discusses some of the possible reasons why you may be experiencing recurring clogs:

1.  Tree Roots

Typically, water sources attract tree roots. Once the roots gain access to small holes on the pipes, they penetrate and cause great obstruction in the system. So, when you notice the slightest sign of clogging in the sewer, contact a drain cleaning company for the proper solutions.

2.  Toilet Paper

It’s not easy for huge balls of toilet paper to flush through the drainage system. Instead, the result is an overflowing toilet bowl. Rather than flushing toilet paper, consider throwing them in the garbage instead to avoid recurring clogs. Scheduling regular drain snaking and hydro jetting are also great ways to prevent clogs from forming in your toilet.

3.  Small Objects

It’s common for children to dispose of random items in the sink or shower. These items can range from small toys to pebbles, and leaves. Over time, these can lead to serious clogs and cause extensive damage to your sewer system. To prevent this from happening, you can install drain covers on your drains and educate your kids on the consequences of disposing of foreign items through the drains.

4.  Food

Food is one of the most common causes of clogs in kitchen drains. Food scraps, oil, and grease accumulate in your pipes and cause large blockages that hinder the flow of water. Schedule regular drain cleaning services to keep your drains clean and clog free.

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