Having a properly functioning tankless water heater at home is important, especially during the colder seasons. Fortunately, it’s easy to maintain your unit’s great condition with regular maintenance and repairs. It’s also important to understand the different parts of a tankless heater and how they function, so you can care for your unit better. Wellbrook Plumbing discusses these below:

Ignition Systems

One major reason that homeowners need water heater repair in Niagara Falls, ON is because of a faulty ignition system. This is responsible for turning the gas or electric power on, allowing your unit to function. Other main systems include the venting system which gets rid of certain gasses and safety systems that help maintain security.

Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is a device that’s made usually of a copper tube or stainless steel. They take the heat generated from the gas burner and move it into the water to heat it. When you get a new water heater installation, be sure that your technician inspects the heat exchanger to ensure that it is working properly.

Combustion and Burner Parts

Gas valves are pieces that help to adjust heat power based on how much water is flowing. They are also connected to the combustion fan below the burner to help with power and modulation. If you notice a problem with these parts of your water heater, don’t hesitate to contact our experts for prompt water heater services.


Other main parts of the tankless system include the electronics and the control panel board. It’s important to reach out to Wellbrook Plumbing, the trusted plumber in Niagara Falls, ON, when you experience issues with the control panel board of your heater for quality and lasting solutions.

Whether you are in need of a water heater replacement or simply wish to maintain your current tankless unit, the experts at Wellbrook Plumbing can help you. Contact us today for an appointment.