Some homeowners think that they are saving a few dollars by hiring a plumber who isn’t licensed and insured, however, the risk of hiring someone without the expertise of a professional, licensed plumber is incredibly high. Plumbing systems are complex, and if you hire the wrong team for the job, it can be disastrous. It is important to look into the qualifications of the plumber that you hire, and ensure that the company they work for is insured and legitimate.

Choosing a Licensed Niagara Plumber

It is actually illegal in Ontario to work as a plumber without being a registered apprentice or a fully licensed plumber. To become a fully licensed, plumbers must complete a plumbing apprenticeship and in school studying, completing 9,000 hours of work and study in total. This can take up to 5 years to complete, after which Ontario plumbers can apply to become a journeyperson. Once they have become a journeyperson, they can take the Ontario College of Trades Certificate of Qualification exam – and only after the successful completion of the exam can they become a fully registered, licensed plumber.

With this extensive training, it is easy to understand why licensed Niagara plumbers are unable to charge the rate of a “handyman” that is not licensed. A licensed Niagara plumber will have undergone years of training and study before they are able to walk into your home, so you can rest assured that they know what they are doing, and will complete the job correctly and efficiently.

Hiring An Insured Local Plumber

When hiring a local plumbing contractor, it is important to check before any work is done that the company you are hiring has liability insurance. This is essential, as it means that in the event that there is damage to your home at the fault of the plumber, the company’s liability insurance will cover the damage costs. Even if you have complete trust that you are hiring a plumbing company that will not damage your property, unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that no accidents will occur and cause damage.

Before hiring a Niagara plumber, ask them to confirm whether they are insured. If you aren’t sure whether the plumber you are hiring is fully licensed, you can look at the Ontario College of Trades public register where a public record of all licensed plumbing journeymen and apprentices.
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