sump pump repair in a basement with a red LED light

A sump pump is an important part of your home’s plumbing system. During a storm, it pumps water out of your basement or crawlspace and away from your home. If you need sump pump repair in Pelham, ON, Wellbrook Plumbing can help. Here are the main parts of a sump pump:

The Float

The float is what tells the pump when to turn on and off. As the water level rises in the pit, it lifts the float. When the water reaches a certain level, it triggers the switch to turn on the pump. As water is pumped out of the pit, the float lowers and eventually turns off the pump.

The Switch

The switch is what turns the pump on and off. The switch can be either an automatic or manual type. Automatic switches are activated by rising water levels, while manual switches are turned on and off manually. If you want to know the best switch for your pump, call a professional to do a sump pump installation in your home.

The Impeller

It is what moves the water through the pump. The impeller inside the sump pump housing consists of vanes that spin around a central shaft. As water enters the housing, it hits these vanes and causes them to spin. This spinning action creates centrifugal force, which pushes water through discharge pipes and out of your home. To ensure your impeller is working perfectly, perform regular sump pump maintenance.

The Motor

The motor turns the impeller, which moves water through the discharge pipe and out of your home. The discharge pipe typically goes to a storm drain or other drainage system. A sump pump replacement is crucial if the motor fails because it drives the pump.

Discharge Pipe

The discharge pipe carries the water away from your home once pumped out of the pit.

If you’re looking for sump pump companies in Pelham, ON, look no further than Wellbrook Plumbing. We can provide you with quality services and give you tips to follow to extend the life span of your pump. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.