Sump pumps are vital components that prevent ground and rainwater from invading the basement. Like all of the other appliances in a home, sump pumps need maintenance and care in order to provide optimal functionality.  Take a look at these sump pump maintenance tips for Wellbrook Plumbing, one of the leading sump pump companies in the area.

Be Prompt When Repair Is Needed

The first and most basic tip is to be prompt when you know that you need sump pump repair in Welland, ON. Like any other appliance in the home, the longer you let an issue sit and fester the worse the problem gets. Be alert and make the call as soon as you can to prevent further issues.

Test the Pump Regularly

Try pouring water into the pit so that the float raises and you can engage the sump pump. The pump should then remove the water out of the put and turn itself off within a few seconds. While this happens, the float should be moving freely. Pay attention to where the check valve is as well. Once the pump shuts off, lookout for signs of running water or that the valve is stuck open. When in doubt, consult a plumber in Welland, ON, from our team for professional advice and guidance.

Have a Back Up

It is always a good idea to have a backup pump system if your home has frequent power outages and if your sump pump is faulty. If you decide to back it up, you have a few options. Some have a battery that can provide it with power for 12 hours, and another uses pressure from the home’s water supply to force water out of the pit. Always consult a professional when you need a sump pump installation or if you notice anything amiss with your pump system.

Professionals are there for you if you need advice and guidance on sump pump maintenance, repair, installations, and more. Contact Wellbrook Plumbing for more information regarding sump pump replacement, sump pump installation, and more.