Home Plumbing Service Offerings


Boilers, faucets, toilets, water heaters and softeners – we’ve done it all. If you require a plumbing installation, one of our licensed plumbers will arrive at your home for an in-home consultation, provide you with a quote, and complete the installation.


From installing plumbing for bathrooms just renovated to kitchen sink plumbing repair, Wellbrook Plumbing has the tools and the expertise to ensure that your renovation goes smoothly and according to plan.

Clogs & Repairs

If you notice indicators of clogs, such as slow draining, smells, or noises, it is time to call a plumber. Early stages clogs left without repair can result in completely blocked drains and damage to the pipes requiring repair or even replacement.

Water Heaters

Signs that it is time for a new water heater include rust, loud noises, water in the collection pan, or age (8-10 years for gas or electric water heaters). Our licensed plumbers are experts in water heater installation and maintenance.

Filtration & Water Softeners

Most water filtration systems work together with a water softening system, which filters minerals out of hard water. Having a filtration system in disrepair can result in frequent clogging of drains and pipes, or even lasting damage if repairs are not completed quickly.

Sewer Snake

One of the most effective ways to combat blockages is to use a sewer snake. There is no amount of build up that is a match for our sewer snake. In no time, your drains will be draining in seconds, and all unpleasant odours will be gone.

The Wellbrook Difference


We’re committed to ensuring that every job Wellbrook does gets done right, every time, without rushing or cutting corners. This is why we operate on a service-based pricing model, not an hourly pricing model. If a job takes all day, or even if we have to return for a second day, you will not be charged extra. Our licensed plumbers will be able to offer you a price during your consultation, and we stand behind that price.


At Wellbrook, we understand that plumbing problems often do not exist alone. That’s why when you invite one of our licensed plumbers into your home, we look at not just the problem, but we do a full home plumbing inspection every time. The full home inspection allows our licensed plumbers to understand how this problem is affecting your entire home plumbing system, and spot and address any potential problems. 


You can rest assured that with Wellbrook, the licensed plumber entering into your home will be professional at all times. Our team of licensed plumbers wears a pristine uniform, will be polite and friendly and are there to accomplish the job you have called them for – and only that job. Our team is efficient and reliable, and it is our priority that you feel confident and comfortable having Wellbrook plumbers in your home.