Commercial Service Offerings

Routine Installations

Wellbrook are experts in plumbing installations in restrooms, kitchen faucets, floor drains, and more. Whatever your business may require, our licensed plumbers offer high quality, efficient commercial plumbing services.

Specialty Plumbing Services

If your business requires specialty commercial plumbing services, don’t fret. We have experience with a number of different plumbing services. Our team will conduct an in-business consultation to determine how we can best help you.

Fast and Efficient Maintenance

We offer comprehensive and affordable plumbing maintenance packages to ensure that your business does not suffer from plumbing emergencies. As part of the package, our technicians will regularly visit your business to check on your plumbing systems.

Emergency Services

Emergencies require speedy service. For fast and reliable service, contact Wellbrook Plumbing for any plumbing emergencies. Our technicians will quickly diagnose and repair the problem, so your business operations can resume quickly.

The Wellbrook Difference


Every plumbing company claims to do quality work, but at Wellbrook we firmly stand behind our work with our guarantee. If you aren’t happy with our craftsmanship, then our job is not yet finished. Our team will return and complete the job to your satisfaction at no extra charge. For us, it is about producing quality work rather than collecting a paycheck. If we are going to put our name on a job, it will be the best, bar none.


While we offer one-time jobs as needed, Wellbrook is interested in forming partnerships with Niagara business owners. With Wellbrook as a regular commercial plumbing service partner, you know that every job is done effectively, and any issues will be handled before they become emergencies. Let us worry about your plumbing systems, so you don’t have to.


You’re running a business, and we understand that means you need to be conscious of who comes in and out of your business. With Wellbrook, we ensure our team of licensed plumbers are dressed professionally and act professionally for every visit. You can trust that they will be punctual, well presented, and will carry out the installation or repairs with efficiency, and without any disruption to the flow of your business.