Water heater bursts are among the top causes of water damage in homes. Because of the amount of damage done in a short time, it’s important to schedule professional water heater repair in Pelham, ON right away. Wellbrook Plumbing shares some of the common reasons why water heaters burst below:

Sediment Build-up

Hard water contains minerals, such as magnesium, that accumulate and settles at the bottom of water heater tanks. The sediment accumulation insulates the water from the heating element and burner. Consequently, the water heater is forced to work harder than it should to supply your home with hot water. Ultimately, the mineral build-up causes overheating that deteriorates the water heater tank. You need water heater services if you notice popping or knocking sounds, as this is a sign of a sediment issue that can rupture the appliance.


Steel is commonly used to make water heaters. Unfortunately, steel largely consists of iron that rusts over time. While the anode rod protects water heaters from rusting, it wears out over time. It’s best to invest in a water heater replacement if you notice a rusty brown color from your hot water tap. The rod needs replacement as soon as possible before the water heater ruptures.

Excessive Water Supply Pressure

If the water pressure in the regulator fails or is set too high, water enters your water heater tank at high pressure. Consequently, the tank may burst. In that case, your best bet is to consider a new water heater installation.

Old Age

Water heaters are designed to last up to a decade. However, wear and tear becomes more apparent during the end of the cycle of your unit. An aging water heater is more prone to potential leaks than a new one, so if it’s been years since you purchased a water heater, you could be at risk of water heater bursts. If you are planning to replace your current unit, we recommend choosing a tankless water heater.

You can prevent water heater bursts through regular maintenance. First, consider hiring a plumber in Pelham, ON to maintain your water heater annually. Wellbrook Plumbing provides professional repairs and replacement services after a water heater burst. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.