The home drain system is one of the most overlooked parts of the home. However, your drain system, like all other parts of your plumbing, needs to be maintained in order to be at peak efficiency. If you schedule drain cleaning in Pelham, ON with an expert from Wellbrook Plumbing, you can be sure that your drains stay in shape. Here are some of our top drain maintenance tips:

1.  Prevent Putting Unwarranted Items Down the Drain

Any professional plumber in Pelham, ON can back up the fact that most chronic drain clog issues point to improper drain usage in the household. To be safe, remember that fats, oils, grease, and chunky debris should never go down the drain. Hard and bulky items like eggshells, coffee grounds, and medications should also stay out of the drain. These items will only lead to chronic clog issues.

2.  Schedule Professional Service When Needed

It’s always best to call our drain cleaning company as soon as you notice an issue with your drains. DIY methods may only worsen the issue, since you may not have the professional experience and toolset needed to solve the problem in the best manner. Letting the issue sit will shorten the lifespan of your drains as well, as they will have to work harder to do their job efficiently.

3.  Make Good Use of Store-Bought Items

DIY methods are rarely ever reliable, and all clogged drain issues should be left to the professionals anyway. However, there are things you can do on your own as a homeowner to help prevent clogging from taking place at all.

Consider talking to our industry professionals about screens and traps you can use to help prevent unwarranted items from going down the drain. When in doubt, schedule regular drain cleaning services courtesy of our team.

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