technician installing a backup sump pump

Sump pumps are devices usually found in a home’s basement or crawl space to remove accumulated water from the area. They work by pumping water from a pit or reservoir and redirecting it outside the home.

While these pumps provide a great service, they can fail during periods of heavy rain or flooding. This is why many homeowners choose to invest in a backup sump pump. Wellbrook Plumbing, one of the leading sump pump companies, suggests that a backup sump pump is worth considering for the following reasons:

Water Damage Protection Even During Power Outages

With a backup sump pump installation, you don’t have to worry about water damage in your home when the power goes out. This is because a backup sump pump uses a battery as its power source. This means the pump can still kick in and divert water from your home even if the electricity is out.

Reduces Stress and Maintenance Costs

Having a backup sump pump can also reduce stress in an emergency. The primary sump pump is typically installed underneath the floor of your basement, while the backup pump is usually mounted on top of it to provide additional protection should the main one fail.

And unlike the primary pump, there is no need for regular sump pump maintenance on the backup unit.

Increased Life Expectancy of Your Primary Sump Pump

When you install a backup sump pump, it increases the lifespan of the primary unit. Since the backup pump is taking some of the workloads off, your primary sump pump will be able to last longer. This means less money is spent on sump pump replacement.

With all these benefits, adding a backup sump pump to your home’s plumbing system can be a wise investment for any homeowner. From sump pump installation to maintenance, as well as sump pump repair in Welland, ON, Wellbrook Plumbing is your go-to service for all your plumbing needs. Contact us today to learn more!