A lot of dirt and grime gets washed down your drains on a daily basis. This mixture of dirt, grease, food particles, and hair can cause clogs and buildups inside the drains. Wellbrook Plumbing is your local drain cleaning company in Pelham, ON, that you can rely on for keeping your drains clean. Scheduling regular drain cleaning helps keep your drains clean, fresh, and in good condition.

We use hydro jetting and drain snaking in Pelham, ON, to thoroughly clean pipes and drains, making sure to remove all clogs. You don’t need to worry about any blockage missed because we insert a video camera down the drain to see if there is material buildup anywhere.

Prevents Bad Smells

Regular drain cleaning is important to prevent bad smells coming from your drain. Some people are sensitive to odors. Even if you’re not sensitive to bad smells, they can have a negative impact on your state of mind. Keep your drains free of smells for a relaxing experience whenever you use the sink.

We offer professional drain cleaning in Pelham, ON. All of our plumbers are licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can have peace of mind your drains will be safely and effectively cleaned.

Reduces the Need for Repairs

Food, grease, and hair buildup in the drains can cause other problems to occur. Thus, you won’t experience drain problems as often by scheduling regular drain cleaning. You’re not likely to ever have a clogged drain in Pelham, ON when you schedule regular drain cleaning either.

Extends the Lifespan of Your Drains

As drain cleaning prevents damage to the drains, scheduling regular drain cleaning services in Pelham, ON, extends the lifespan of your drains too. How often you need to have your drains cleaned depends on how often you use the drains and the size of your household. After a brief assessment of your home, we can let you know how often your drains need to be cleaned.

Regular drain cleaning is important to maintain clean, durable drains. Not only will your drains last longer before needing a replacement, but they’ll also give you fewer problems during their lifespans. Fresh drains that don’t emit odors are more comfortable to use as well. You can count on Wellbrook Plumbing as your plumber in Pelham, ON. We have high ratings from our customers and take our business and customer satisfaction seriously. Contact us today to schedule drain cleaning or to learn more about our services.