Everyone dreads the day they hop into the shower, turn on the tap and instead of the water flowing down the drain, it begins to back up and you’re left with more of a bath than a shower. Your first thought might be to grab a bottle of drain cleaning from the nearest hardware store. These at-home solutions are so heavily advertised, it makes sense. 

While these at-home solutions seem convenient at the time, they are actually doing more harm than good! 

Drain cleaners can cause damage to your home’s pipes.

Commercial drain cleaners like Drano are made of ingredients like hydrochloric acid and other acid ingredients that eat away at your pipes while they sit. Despite many of these products being advertised as ‘safe for pipes’, unfortunately, they aren’t. 

While at-home drain cleaners may solve your clogged drain problem for a period of time, they are not effective at solving the entirety of the problem so you’ll end up with a clogged drain before long. 

DIY Drain cleaners are harmful to you.

With such visible warning labels, it isn’t surprising to hear that these at-home drain cleaners are harmful to you while in use. They can burn your skin and eyes if they come in contact, gloves are always recommended. But it isn’t as well known that the harmful chemicals from these products linger in the air and can damage your lungs! Protect yourself, family, and pets by avoiding these harmful products. 

Home drain cleaners, are they bad for the environment?

Not only are at-home drain cleaners bad for you and your pipes, but they are also bad for the environment. When you’re standing in ankle-deep water, trying to take a shower, it’s hard to remember that the water you’re using drains back into our water system. When you pour that thick, chemically smelling drain cleaner down your pipes,  you are pouring it right into your water system. Be mindful of your impact when choosing the way you choose to solve your clogged drain problem! 

While there are clean, easy ways to help solve a clogged drain at home, it is suggested that you call in the professionals so that they are able to remove all grease and debris ensuring a clog-free, damage-free future for you and your showers, sinks, and garbage disposals. Let Wellbrook save you from the annoyance of clogged drains today.