A custom home is unique and original. Therefore, they will need a unique and custom plumbing system. When building your dream home, you will want every feature to look how you envisioned it and be adaptable to your lifestyle. That is why it is crucial to consult a trusted plumbing company when designing your home and to properly install any fixtures for your plumbing needs in your new home.

Custom homes can present unique challenges. After all, you have designed your home specifically for you and your lifestyle. This means luxury homes often have different fixtures and elaborate layouts. For these reasons, it is essential to enlist the services of a qualified and experienced plumbing company, who are able to implement high-end installations.  

Wellbrook Plumbing works exclusively with both the builders and home-owners to ensure your plumbing system will work seamlessly in your new home.

A Wide Variety of Services

We offer a variety of services to meet your home’s plumbing needs. Our installation services include boilers, faucets, toilets, water heaters and softeners. Additionally, our plumbers are educated to explain the reasoning behind our plumbing decisions, in order to provide the homeowner with the best possible solution that will work for their custom home.  Booking your at-home consultation with one of our licensed plumbers who will provide you with an execution plan and quote to help you as you finish building your custom home.

Contact Niagara’s Most Trusted Plumber

Trust a licensed plumber to provide you with a detailed plan for your custom home. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure your vision becomes a reality, all within your timeline and budget.