For many people, summer means the kids are home from school and more people are at home during the day. For your plumbing system, this means more pressure, and on the rare occasion, foreign objects that aren’t meant to be in your pipes.  

Common clogs 

Having the kids home for the summer is great but it can mean that your plumbing system is going to get a workout. Make sure that your kids understand some simple things like how much toilet paper is too much (the most common source of clogs is too much toilet paper) and what you can and cannot flush down the toilet. Following these simple guidelines could mean the difference between smooth sailing and a plumbing problem. 

Check your connections

Summer means more laundry (Thank you beach trips!), more dishes, and more toilet flushes. Make sure that you’ve checked your plumbings connections so that the extra work doesn’t cause any leaks. Check the washing machine and dishwasher connections to make sure that everything is in tip-top shape. 

Sprinkler System Failure

Underground sprinkler systems have sat unused for the winter so when you get them back up and running again, there could be leaks that affect not only your pipes but your water bills! Portable sprinkler heads need to be cleaned before the first use of the season to remove any build p that can cause the water to back up in the hose. For any kind of sprinkler system, ensure that you have checked the heads for damage to ensure that water isn’t being wasted by spraying in every direction other than where you are hoping to water. 

Water heater

Headed away for a few days this summer? Turn down your water heater while you’re away. Your water doesn’t need to be heated while there isn’t anyone there to use it. This helps extend the life of your water heater, which is on average 8-11 years. Plus, your wallet will thank you as well. 

Summer should be so much fun, don’t let one of these plumbing problems dampen your vacation. Call Wellbrook Plumbing if you’re noticing any moisture in and around your appliance connections, if you end up with a kids toy down the drain, or if your sprinkler system is serving you with less than ideal water pressure so your summer plans don’t get washed away.