The Importance of Feeling Safe with Your Plumber

When you hire a plumber, you’re inviting them into your home. Like anyone who steps into your house, you want to feel safe with them there. Trust comes in many forms. Of course, you must trust that someone won’t compromise your personal safety. However, trusting someone also means that you trust that they have your best interest at heart. A plumber you trust won’t overcharge you for plumbing services or cause damage to your home. They will execute their job as efficiently as possible. Good local plumbers are only good if you feel safe with them working in your home.

It is imperative that you’re comfortable with the plumber you hire. The best Niagara home plumbing services are done by plumbers that make you feel safe. There are some factors you can take into consideration when deciding whether you feel safe with a plumber or not.


If your plumber looks and seems like they just came from home, this isn’t necessarily a good sign. A trustworthy Niagara plumber should be wearing a pristine uniform and carry the proper tools for the job. We understand that plumbing can be a dirty job, but that doesn’t mean that your plumber should walk into your house with an unprofessional appearance. Aside from appearance, your St. Catharines plumber should be polite and follow proper customer service protocol. They should answer any questions you may have in a professional manner and respect customer-contractor boundaries. They are there to do one job, plumbing. A professional plumber won’t get sidetracked with unrelated things.

A plumber that works for a company will likely have standards that they must meet. As they answer to a larger company, they are more likely to follow these guidelines than an independent contractor would. Also, a plumbing company probably only hires plumbers that they trust. They also make it easy to file a complaint if you have a concern.


Your plumber should be completely transparent with you. They should have an open communication line with you. A plumber that cares is one that reaches out to you with any news or updates. A big part of communication is discussing the cost of home plumbing services. Your Niagara plumber should give you a quote at an in-home consultation, then stand behind that quote. A service-based pricing model is the most transparent, as you won’t have to worry that your plumber is taking longer than necessary to finish the job. You want to feel safe in the sense that your plumber isn’t trying to hide any hidden expenses. They should accurately communicate with you when they will be at your home to provide their service.

The Right Service

A good plumber won’t cut corners. They also won’t try to overcharge you for their service. It’s important that you trust that your plumber to work with your best interest at heart. You should feel safe that you’re paying for only what you need and no more. It’s not uncommon that your plumber may have to come back for a second day. You should trust that you will not be charged extra because the job took longer than expected.

Find a Plumber You Can Trust

Feeling safe with your plumber isn’t only about personal safety. It’s also about trusting that the person you’re inviting into your home treats the job with care and professionalism. At Wellbrook Plumbing, it’s our priority that you feel safe. We ensure that our team of licensed plumbers are efficient and reliable. If you’re looking for home plumbing services, contact us.

How to Combat Clogged Drains and Plumbing Blockages

Clogged drains and blocked plumbing is a hassle, and it is not something anyone looks forward to having to deal with. A clogged sewer line can be messy, and in worst case scenarios can result in damage to the plumbing system or water damage to your home. There are a few ways to combat clogged drains and prevent serious plumbing blockages.

Fill Your Sink and Drain It

According to some experts, the key to preventing clogs from happening is to fill each sink in the home full with water and then let them drain 1-2 time per month. This can also be done if you experience issues with the drain in the bathtub.

Filling and then draining all of the water creates pressure in the pipes, which works to flush out the plumbing system. As the water drains, experts say that it removes debris that has settled in the pipes, preventing a clog. In the kitchen, in order to get fat, oil or grease off of the sides of the pipes, pour a kettle full of boiled water down the drain.

Know What Can and Cannot Go Down

A number of things can make their way down the drain that shouldn’t – things like supposedly “flushable” pre-moistened wipes, feminine hygiene products, diapers, and food. None of these products disintegrates after they have been flushed or fallen down the drain, meaning they get stuck in the pipes of your home and can cause plumbing blockages and clogged drains.

The number one thing to remember is that nothing should go down the drain but water, human waste, and degradable toilet paper. The plumbing systems in homes are not meant to handle anything else, and if these get sent down the drain on a regular basis, it can become very costly.

Know When to Call a Plumber

If you are experiencing a plumbing blockage that requires a sewer cleanout or clogged drain repair, have the number of a trusted licensed plumber handy. While your first line of defence should always be a plunger, and there are some methods that you can do to try and unblock the pipe yourself, it is less of a headache and safer for your plumbing system, in the long run, to rely on a professional.

Benefits of a Full Home Plumbing Inspection

Often a plumbing problem runs deeper than the surface. You won’t know if you’re just placing a band-aid on a bigger issue if a full home plumbing inspection is not performed. While it can be scary to discover a deeper problem it can a full home plumbing inspection can provide perspective and decrease the likelihood of a plumbing emergency. Rarely do these emergencies occur at convenient times. Early detection is key to avoiding costly future repairs.

Uncovering plumbing problems before they happen

A full home inspection can uncover plumbing problems before they happen. If these potential problems are recognized and fixed, it will save you from having to pay for a larger problem in turn paying more for plumbing services and repair. The goal of a full home inspection is ultimately to make sure that your plumbing is as healthy as possible. When your plumbing is healthy, it is less likely to fail. It would be counter-productive to fix a problem only for it to happen again. Making sure that the real problem is fixed is a priority. To do this, a full home inspection may be necessary.

Extended Lifespan

Ideally, you’d like your pipes to last as long as possible. When you receive a full home inspection, you are taking measures to ensure the lengthy lifespan of your pipes. If you’re getting a full home inspection it means that you’re taking preventative measures to ensure that your pipes aren’t likely to face any problems. This, in time, will save you from replacing your pipes as often.

Increased Safety

There are a number of health and safety risks related to your plumbing maintenance. For example, a water heater may have a gas or carbon monoxide leak. Another example is a leaky pipe that can result in the growth of mold, which is unhealthy for your family to inhale. During a full home plumbing inspection, your plumber will recognize any potential safety hazards and take the appropriate measures to help your household remain safe.

Added Resale Value

Eventually, you may be interested in selling your home. If you have continued to ensure that you’re taking the best possible care of your home, your home will be worth more when you decide to sell it. This means taking care of your plumbing. Consistent full home plumbing inspections will improve the overall health of your pipes. It is an important aspect that buyers are sure to inquire about. Your plumbing may be the reason someone decides to buy your home.

How Niagara’s Wellbrook Plumbing Can Help

When we come to fix your plumbing, we do a full home inspection every time. We understand that plumbing problems don’t often work alone. We want to help you as best we can. The full home inspection allows our licensed plumbers to understand how this problem is affecting your entire home plumbing system, and spot and address any potential problems. For more information about full home plumbing inspections, get in touch.

Common Plumbing Issues That Arise in the Summer

Summertime. A season to relax, enjoy the sun and make sure your plumbing is working well in the hot weather. Seasons change and how you treat your home changes, too. Now that we’re halfway through summer, it’s probably time to take into consideration some home plumbing problems that might occur because of the season.

Toilet Problems

Let’s be honest, you’re drinking more water because it’s hot outside. This, of course, is causing you to use your toilet more often. Not to mention that if you have kids, they’re home from school and using the toilet during the day now. Toilet plumbing problems are not uncommon in the summer for these reasons. A lot of times, a clogged toilet can be fixed with a plunger. However, sometimes the issues are more extensive and in need of a licensed plumber.

To avoid toilet plumbing problems, make sure everyone knows what can and cannot be flushed down the toilet. The only things that should be flushed down your toilet are human waste and toilet paper. It might seem easy to understand, but putting a sign up in your bathroom isn’t a bad idea to remind people when they use your restroom.

Sewer Line Backup

Thunderstorms are more likely to happen in the summer months. A lot of rain can come down and saturate the ground. All this water has the potential to get into your sewer lines and back them up. Calling a plumber to install a drain plug is a good way to help prevent this from happening.

Also, summer is time for plants and trees to grow. If their roots extend, they have the potential to invade your sewer lines. It’s important that you keep an eye out on your growing plants and trees. If you notice any of your drains not working properly, make sure to call a professional plumber.

Washing Machine Issues

Like your toilet, you’re likely to use your washing machine more during the summer months. The kids are home, you’re going from one activity to the next and you’re changing your clothes multiple times a day. This can put stress on your washing machine. Make sure you don’t put too much in your loads and make sure you’re using it wisely. You can pull your washing machine away from the wall a little to prevent the hose from kinking. It’s always smart to stay at home when your washing machine is running. This way, if something goes wrong you’re there to stop the cycle immediately and call a plumber.

Sprinkler Problems

You need to keep your lawn and garden healthy in the summertime. To do this, you’re likely using a sprinkler. Make sure that your sprinkler heads are clean and able to do the job. Sprinkler heads break from time to time. If you’re using a broken one, not only may it be wasting water, but it also may be harmful to your lawn. Check your sprinkler heads often and ensure they’re clear of debris and dirt.

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Even if you take all the preventative measures, sometimes home plumbing problems happen. When they do, we want to be there to help. For more information about our services, get in touch.

How to Find a Plumber You Can Trust

When you’re in need of plumbing services, you’re likely searching for a reputable, trustworthy plumber. A plumber’s job is to go into your home and fix your plumbing issue but who is the plumber and how do you know that they have the best intentions and the knowledge to properly fix that issue? Anyone you invite into your home should be someone you trust. Which is why it’s so important to hire a plumber who is professional in all aspects.

Good plumbing should be a requirement for your home. Your search for good local plumbers should involve a set of standards that they must meet.

A Plumbing License

First and foremost, your plumber needs to be licensed and carry full insurance. Not only will a licensed plumber carry out a high quality of work, but they will act pprofessionallywhen entering your home.

It might be tempting to hire someone who isn’t licensed but is offering their services at a low rate. However, this can lead to a lot of problems. Yes, it will save you more money now, but down the road, there may be damage as a result of this decision that will cost more money later. 

An unlicensed and uninsured plumber will not carry the same responsibility that a licensed plumber does. A professional plumber with full credentials and insurance will have responsibility for legal requirements, safety and their quality of work. If something goes wrong with an unlicensed contractor, you will likely be solely liable for any damages or mishaps. Don’t take a risk that you can’t afford to lose when hiring a plumber. Make sure you hire a trustworthy plumber.


When you’re hiring someone to come into your home, you likely don’t want to rely on instinct. Hearing testimonials from trusted individuals is a great way to get an idea of a plumber’s services.

If you have family or friends that highly recommend a plumber, that’s great! However, not everyone has someone they can receive a trusted referral from. When looking for good local plumbers, it’s useful to go online and ensure that they are highly regarded. You want to ensure that they always show up in uniform, act professionally and foster trusted relationships with their clients. It also can be beneficial to chat with your plumber or the company they work for, over the phone. This way, you can ask any questions you may have. A reputable plumber will be able to talk to their quality of work and their professionalism.

Experience and Knowledge

When you’re looking for the best plumber, one of the first things you’ll likely look into is their experience. Someone who is seasoned in fixing problems similar to yours is someone you’re likely to trust over someone with limited experience. There’s nothing that substitutes experience and knowledge. Ask questions to any plumber you’re thinking about hiring. They should be able to intelligently understand the issue and know the best way to eradicate the problem. You want the job done right the first time. Finding a plumber with a wealth of experience and knowledge will increase the likelihood of this.


Waiting hours for a plumber to arrive can be frustrating and eat away your day. A good plumber will communicate with you and arrive on time and prepared for the job. When doing your research, make sure that they have a reputation for being reliable. You want to make sure that your plumbing problem is fixed in the best possible way. A lot of times a plumbing issue is time-sensitive and your plumber should understand that.

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We take pride in the trustworthiness of our services. Wellbrook Plumbing is one of the most trusted and reliable plumbing companies in the Niagara Region. If you’re looking for more information about our services, get in touch.