If you have hard water or concerns about water quality, a water filtration system can be a smart investment. That said, such systems do need regular maintenance, which is something a plumber in Thorold, ON from Wellbrook Plumbing can help you out with. Below, you’ll find some basic water filtration system maintenance tips to keep in mind.

Adopt a Regular Cleaning Routine

The simplest thing you can do to maintain a water filtration system in Thorold, ON between professional inspections is to adopt a regular cleaning routine, preferably on a weekly basis. This process typically involves:

  • Cleaning all accessible elements, including the cap assembly
  • Sanitizing parts where there’s direct water contact – e.g., the filter, water dispenser, and line
  • Checking the filter to see if it needs to be changed

Regularly Remove Excess Salt

One of the perks of having a newer water softener system in Thorold, ON is that such units are often very good at removing excess salt from your water. However, this improved efficiency sometimes results in clogs. Periodically switch off your system to check for salt accumulation. If you see signs of it, use hot water to dissolve and remove as much as you can.

Keep Track of Filter Change Dates

A system used for water conditioning in Thorold, ON has a filter that keeps out impurities, but it won’t last forever. As a general rule, filters should be changed after every 40 gallons or so of water usage – which is about every 2 months or so. Keep track of your filter cartridge’s lifespan by writing down the date each time you change it. This way you’ll know when it’s time to change your filter.

Bonus tip: When changing your filter, also check out the O-rings to see if they’re still in good condition.

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